Life on Mission

Most of us who know and follow Jesus want to tell others about him, to share our faith. We want to live life on mission, obeying Jesus’ final command to us: “Go into all the world and make disciples.”

But when it comes to actually engaging in evangelism, we hesitate. We get intimidated, uncertain, or even confused. Sharing our faith should be natural, easy—but it isn’t always.

Until now.

Life on Mission offers clear Bible teaching designed to empower you to share your faith with people right in your own neighborhood. Pastor Tim Harlow walks you through topics like how to connect with unbelievers, how serving others can open their hearts to the gospel, and how paying attention to your own spiritual growth can strengthen your witness.

People who really matter to God are all around you, and God has given you the incredible assignment of inviting them to come home. Life on Mission will inspire and equip you to do that.

Our morning messages from October 19-November 23 will revolve around Life on Mission.  We will also have Small Groups that meet on the Irmo side of Lake Murray Dam, in Lexington, at the church building (on Wednesdays), and we’ll join with Crossmark Christian Church for a small group on the Northeast side of Columbia.  Please see Gary Nyman or contact the church office if you want to join a small group for this study.

Our small groups on Wednesday nights will begin at 6:45 PM instead of our customary 7:00 PM.


A BIG week at MCC!

Wednesday, October 8th

Mid-week Connect!on

Join us for our Mid-week Connect!on!  We have groups from Adults through Nursery, and we invite you to join us as we study God’s Word together.  The children in Grades K-5 have Discovery Club.  The Youth are doing a DVD study by David Platt entitled Follow Me.   The Adults are doing a verse by verse study of the New Testament book of Hebrews.  We begin at 7 PM.

bible study.wednesday


Saturday, October 11th

Movie Night!

Join us at 6:30 PM for a  FREE movie.  The featured presentation is God’s Not Dead.  Plus, there will be popcorn, snacks, and drinks, and they’re all FREE too.  So invite a friend.  Did we mention it’s FREE?




Sunday,  October 12th

Bible Study/Worship

At 9:30 AM, we have Bible Study and Sunday School for all ages. Our children from new-borns  through 5th grade meet in the education wing of the Main Building (go in through the side door). Enthusiastic and prepared teachers look forward to teaching your children. Our youth in Grades 6-12 meet in their Sunday School class which is also off of the education hallway.

We have two adult Sunday School classes. One meets in the Main Building and is currently studing the book, The Pursuit of Holiness, by Jerry Bridges. A second class meets in the Fellowship Hall and is doing a DVD study, Acts of God:   “a cinematic, six-episode small group study, Acts of God offers insight and hope as Pastor Bob Russell uses the biblical story of Joseph to explore how, in the face of personal pain or the suffering of those we love, we can trust in the Lord at all times.”

At 10:30 AM, adults meet in the Worship Center to sing praises to God, share in the Lord’s Supper, and study God’s word together. Children from infants through 5 years old meet in the education wing for a time of crafts and games. Children in Grades 1-5 meet in the Worship Center for the first half of the worship service. During the Message time, they join the younger children in the education wing for an age-appropriate lesson time of their own.




How do you define “living the good life?”  Is it traveling around the world or owning two houses or having your own airplane?  When I googled that phrase, there were a bunch of imageries from the tropics.  Apparently “the good life” includes lying on the beach with a drink in your hand.

For these next five weeks, we’re going to look at chapters 3 and 4 of Philippians.  One of the ways to look at these instructions from Paul is that Paul is defining for us what “Living the Good Life” means.  Join us as we see how the true “good life” is found in a life committed to Jesus.


Fusion (Youth)

We invite all YOUTH in Grades 6-12 to meet at 4:00 p. m. in our youth group, Fusion! Sage Moody and Kim Pollard will lead the group in a time of fun, fellowship, and study.

Fusion.real life


Ladies Bible Study

Ladies, you are invited to join our Ladies’ Bible Study at 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Sandy Nyman is leading our study as we focus on Walking with God and Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit. This is hopefully the desire of our hearts – yet it remains a constant challenge with all the interruptions and problems of daily life. So, how do you maintain a consistent walk no matter what happens? A Woman’s Walk with God by Elizabeth George provides a wonderful wealth of practical suggestion for bearing fruit in every circumstance of life – fruit such as… • Love, Joy, and peace – beautiful inner qualities that please God and touch lives • Patience, kindness, and goodness – attitudes that bring warmth to every action • Faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – qualities that help one to stay strong in life’s challenges.

womens ministry 2


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